GTA 6 release update: Good and bad GTA news for PlayStation and Xbox

PLAYSTATION and Xbox fans looking forward to the next Grand Theft Auto game have been delivered some good and bad GTA 6 news.

This year is packed full of major product releases, but one of the biggest gaming stories for many will be whether GTA 6 officially gets announced. It has been around six and a half years since Grand Theft Auto 5 was first released, marking the longest wait ever for a brand new GTA game. And as the wait for official news on GTA 6 rumbles on Rockstar Games fans have been delivered an update - which could spell good or bad news.

Recently gamers were left wondering if GTA 6 was stealthily teased by Rockstar Games during the Super Bowl.
A number of broadcasters used GTA Vice City graphics in promo material for Super Bowl 2020, which was held in Miami.
Grand Theft Auto fans were left wondering why GTA Vice City was featuring in the Super Bowl build-up, and if this was a way of teasing GTA 6.
The link between the two is that GTA 6 is rumoured to be set in Vice City, which is Rockstar’s fake version of Miami.

And, interestingly, the day after the Super Bowl was aired the website domain Take Two has purchased for GTA 6 was updated.
The news comes courtesy of the GTA 6 Reddit page who in a post online outlined this discovery.
The website shows that was updated on February 3 - the day after Super Bowl 2020.
Fans were left wondering if this could be a sign a GTA 6 reveal is on the horizon.
Responding to the Reddit post one fan wrote: “It was made in 2006, and it only got updated this month in 2020! Why now?”
Another posted: “Interesting, fingers crossed for something soon.”
Grand Theft Auto 6

And one added: “This is juicy! Nice find”.
However, while some fans have seen this as a sign a GTA 6 announcement could be coming soon, others aren’t convinced.
Among those in the latter camp were Redditors who pointed out other Rockstar Games websites were also updated on the same day.
Which could signal bad news for those hoping these domain changes were a sign news on GTA 6 was at last coming.
One Redditor posted: “I just did some digging and it turns out that,,, and were also all updated on the same date Feb 3 2020”.
It had previously been rumoured that GTA 6 would get announced in February, and time is running out for that to actually happen.
GTA 6 news
GTA 6 news - Fans are wondering why the GTA 6 website has been updated (Image: ROCKSTAR GAMES)
Alternatively, a GTA 6 reveal could take place in March which is when the PS5 announcement will allegedly be taking place, according to new rumours.
The PS5 reveal event is of significance to GTA fans as it was previously rumoured that Grand Theft Auto 6 would be a timed PlayStation 5 exclusive.
Sony has reportedly paid huge money to secure this exclusivity deal.
And if that’s the case then maybe part of the deal was having GTA 6 appear at the PS5 unveiling event.

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