GTA 6 release update: New Grand Theft Auto blow for PlayStation and Xbox

PLAYSTATION and Xbox fans looking forward to the reveal of GTA 6 have been delivered some bad news.

This year is full of plenty of high profile games releases from major studios, but Grand Theft Auto makers Rockstar Games are the biggest absence. It’s unclear when the Red Dead Redemption 2 creators’ next game, which could be GTA 6, will actually be dropping on PlayStation and Xbox consoles. However there have been plenty of rumours surrounding the next Grand Theft Auto, which fans hoping a GTA 6 announcement will be made in 2020.

According to the rumour mill a GTA 6 reveal could be taking place this month, with it possibly being announced at the PS5 launch event.
Leakers have claimed that Sony will be unveiling the PlayStation 5 soon, with a launch event tipped to take place in February.
And there’s one big reason why GTA 6 could get unveiled at the PS5 launch event.
That’s because one eye-catching rumour claimed Sony had paid huge money to secure timed exclusive rights for GTA 6.
The alleged leak claimed GTA 6 will be a launch exclusive for the PS5.
What’s interesting about this leak is it correctly revealed other details about the PS5 before they were officially announced by Sony.
Which could lend credence to the other claims made about GTA 6.
This of course remains to be seen, but it means there will be plenty of reasons for GTA fans to tune into the PS5 event when it happens.
However, fans have been dealt some bad news as rumours of a PS5 event taking place this week have turned out not to be true.
According to the rumours a PS5 reveal event was set to take place on Wednesday February 12.
The alleged leak appeared on ResetEra before being taken down, but not before one tweeter and YouTuber Josh Gaming gave a rundown of the rumours.
The @JoshGamnChannel Twitter account posted: “Here's a basic rundown of the rumor floating around.
“Event PS5 reveal on Feb 12th. The event will be hosted by Geoff Keighley.
“The price and release will be announced at a later date. PS5 is 12.2 TF. 1TB SSD”.
Grand Theft Auto 2020 latest news
Rumours have pointed towards Rockstar Games revealing the new Grand Theft Auto in 2020
They then added: “The original post was deleted from Resetera so I copied it and made a thread here.
“Again take this with a grain of salt and don't get too excited for this.”
And, suffice to say, Josh Gaming was right to say to take these rumours with a pinch of salt - as February 12 came and went without any word on the PS5.
The news means the wait goes on for a GTA 6 reveal, with it unclear when the next Grand Theft Auto game could get announced.
Recent rumours have claimed the PS5 reveal event could now be taking place in March, which could also be when GTA 6 gets announced.
The news comes as Strauss Zelnick, the CEO of Rockstar parent company Take-Two, gave fans an update on what to expect this year.
Zelnick was asked whether his firm would be pushing out a AAA game in 2020, and his response suggested that may not be the case.
He said: “So as we always do, you're going to hear our initial outlook for fiscal '21 in May, and our labels, of course, always make our product releases.
Grand Theft Auto 6 release date
Grand Theft Auto 6 release date is rumoured to take place as early as this year (Image: ROCKSTAR GAMES)
The next GTA game is rumoured to see a return to Vice City (Image: ROCKSTAR GAMES)
“We have set our strategy, as you correctly pointed out, is to have a strong frontline release schedule, both iterations from beloved franchises.
“We have 11 franchises that have sold in at least 5 million units within one release as well as new intellectual property, and we are working on the most robust pipeline in our history. So we're amazingly excited about it.
“That said, we haven't always been able to achieve our goal of having a strong frontline release schedule in every year, even in the recent past.
“What has been great, though, is we've now built a company that has these very strong underpinnings of catalogue titles and ongoing titles that live on in the hearts and minds of our consumers, generating engagement and generating net bookings and profits.”
Zelnick then added: So we now have a company that season in and season out, we feel confident can generate plenty of net bookings, can engage with consumers and can generate a great deal of profitability.
“And of course, at the same time, we'll build our business with those frontline new releases. Given that we're a company that depends on our creative teams to make as close to perfect products as possible, we have to be willing to live with the vagaries of product deliveries.
“And that means, sometimes, we will have thin frontline years. But even in those frontline years, we've been able to deliver really great financial results.”

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